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"Each of us makes the journey through life with our own obstacles and 'sticking points.' The difference is how we face our own personal 'monster.' Do we run and hide the cruel beast, or do we become a Dragon-Slayer?"

Phyllis P. McNeal, MSW, Dragon-Slayer


Straight Talk Program, Inc., offers mentoring to both youth and adults. The founder of Straight Talk Program, Inc., Phyllis P. McNeal, MSW, provides assistance to mentees and serves as a positive role model for the development of life skills, goal setting, and career choices.

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Mobile Speakers Bureau/Speaker Panel

Through our mobile speaker's bureau we engage formerly incarcerated people and the community in dialogue forums that address crime prevention, intervention, and deterrence

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Community Service Opportunities

Straight Talk Program, Inc., assists court-mandated offenders in completing their community service hours' requirements. We provide our clients with community service related task and duties to perform. Every client is assigned a duty that matches their expertise. Check with your local court to get approval.

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Community Activities

We provide opportunities for at-risk youth and adults to engage in positive activities to develop an understanding of their own self- worth.

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Assist our communities that are in crisis

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Straight Talk Program, Inc. (STP) is a public charitable non-profit 501 (c)(3)




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Internships available for high school, college, and graduate students.

Success Stories

  • When I joined Straight Talk, I wondered what I had to offer to anyone, since I was an ex-con and a recovering drug addict. Then I began to speak out. I realized that this Program was one where I could use all of my negative experiences to help the kids know how “not fun” the end result of committing crimes could be.
    Beverly Locke
  • When I joined Straight Talk, I wondered what I had to offer to anyone, since I was an ex-con and a recovering drug addict. I was skeptical and didn’t think that there was a single thing I could offer to her program : Straight Talk. Yet, I was surprised to learn how valuable my message and my past experience is to any youth who is going down the path I have lived.
    Phillip E. Wilson
  • My name is Marissa Jones, and I have the pleasure of having Ms. Phyllis McNeal being directly involved in my life since my early teenage years. I am now residing in Sacramento, married with three kids and running our family business.
    Marissa Jones